Your Shaving Questions, Answered

A couple of years ago, ‘bald’ was deemed as the least attractive hairdo. People thought it a huge turn off, and bald heads rarely made the cut. However, superstars like Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, The Rock, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel are some of the bald heads who’ve managed to pull off a sexy bald look and prove us wrong.

Men with hair are considered more attractive, according to research, but bald men are thought to project dominance, authority and wisdom. Men who shave their head completely appear tougher, in control, influential and more powerful than others. People also consider them as having great leadership potential.

“Why is this?” I hear you asking.

Well, first of all, in many countries, the clean cut is often found in virtually all male dominated professions, e.g. law enforcers, military men and sportsmen. Shaved heads give that distinguished look that many seek.

Secondly, considering the superficial value society places on hair, a step to get rid of hair altogether, calls for a highly confident man. One who is in charge and sure of himself.

Reasons why people cut off their hair

• Balding men often opt for a total shave, rather than look awkward with a head that’s “half hair, half shiny patches” or wearing toupees that are hardly convincing. A clean cut ensures your head doesn’t end up looking like a huge donut.

• Ladies are increasingly embracing bald hairdo as part of a bold fashion statement.

• As a sign of solidarity with cancer patients who loose hair as a result of chemotherapy, people often cut off their hair completely, to show love, empathy and support to their loved ones.

• Other people cut their hair to mark a new beginning and to signify an end of a period in their life, be it a relationship or the death of someone close.

For whatever reasons you may consider going bald, I have some useful tips that you should consider before the shave.

1. Trim your hair first – it doesn’t have to be an even trim but make sure it’s short. Long hair makes it difficult to shave and tags on the shaver, causing unnecessary irritation to both your scalp and the barber.

2. When shaving, ensure that your head is as wet as… wet can be. Shaving after a shower is great because your hair is soft and manageable. Being wet and soft coupled with a clean head will ensure that your haircut is flawless. It also minimizes irritation and ingrown hairs.

3. Understand the grain of your hair and shave along it to avoid damaging your skin. To find out, run your hand across your head to feel how you hair grows out. While shaving, it’s important to use a sharp razor-blade that will move smoothly across the skin for a comfortable shave.

4. Maintenance – Don’t be tempted to throw away that shampoo since you will still be needing it to wash off your scalp when it gets oily and dirty. Also, consider how much exposure to the sun your bare scalp will have. Opt for a good sun screen with at least 30 SPF every day, or wear a hat while in the sun.

5. Invest in a good after-shave to keep those pores clear and a good moisturizer to keep your scalp hydrated.

As all the bald and the beautiful people will let you know, a clean cut saves you lots of time and money. It’s easy to manage during those mornings when you’re running late for an appointment.
Have a good shave.

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