Accidentally Deleted Call History on iPhone? Don’t Worry

The guide is meant to assist those who want to restore call history that lost from their iPhones. There are at least three ways that you can use to recover iPhone call history. To start with, you require the assistance of recovery tool for iPhone call history; the program will enable you to preview the calling records both received and missed calls before the recovery process. Besides, restoring and scanning iPhone call history, you will have to extract iCloud backup which is essential for restoring iPhone call log.

Specialized iPhone Data Recovery Software to Use

An Professional iPhone Data Recovery Software to Use

  • Selectively recover iPhone call history by extraction of iTunes or iCloud backup file instead of all iPhone data that is to be overwritten by backup file.
  • Support to pick up data in more than 22 different formats that include voice, videos, text messages, notes, reminders, voicemail, Viber, Wechat, Skype and much more.
  • Enables recovery of lost or deleted call history that had not been backed up, it does not matter how you lost your data.
  • Support various ios versions such as iPhone 8 and the latest version of ios
  • Supports the preview of deleted call history which and then saved as HTML or TEXT format on a computer.
  • Facilitates the repair of the ios system and getting the device to its normal state with no loss of data such as screen color, recovery mode and much more.

Part 1 Direct way of Recovering iPhone’s Call History

Step 1. Establish a connection between your phone and a computer

For users of iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S to 7/7 Plus, you can click “start scan” directly to scan your device completely when data got lost on it.

For the users of iPhone 4/3GS, you will view the original window in the following steps. You have an option to select “Advanced Mode” for a deeper scan, then you will get into the right scanning mode. The program automatically begins the scanning process immediately the device scanning mode is selected.

  1. Click the “start” button on your iPhone
  2. For about 10 seconds, press and hold power and home button at the same time.
  3. After the 10 seconds, you have to release the “Power” button as you continue holding “Home” button for additional 15 seconds. Keep pressing to a point where you get a notification message indicating you have successfully done the procedure.

The above steps apply to any device since the program automatically kicks off scanning your iPhone about the lost call history.

Step 2. Direct preview and recovery of iPhone call history.

When the scanning is complete on the data, a preview follows on the scan displayed. You will be required to Select “Call History” which is on the left side and then locate your call number recover it immediately by one click.

Note; The above steps is all you need to Recover iPhone Call History. On the hand, if you have iTunes backup files and wish to Restore Call History on iPhone, you have to follow the second method.

Part 2: Process of Restoring Call History on iPhone given that one has iTunes Backup Files

Given that you had already created a backup on iTunes that contains all the call records, you have an option of using iTunes to retrieve them from the iTunes backup. You will first be required to connect your iPhone to a computer and then open iTunes. iTunes will automatically detect your phone. Then right-click on iPhone to select “Restore from Backup.” After completing, choose the suitable backup to restore.

Note: Using iTunes may lead to losing of data, you may want to use a different way that preserves your data.

Step 1. Select iTunes backup and then scan it.

A primary window appears when you run the program from your computer. Select “Recover from iTunes Backup Files,” to find your previous backup files, then click “start scan” button to extract it.

Step 2. Recovering deleted iPhone call history

You will be required to select “Call History, ” and in one click you will recover your lost number. Besides, you can check and restore any other alternative data in the same way.

Part 3: Procedure of Recovering Deleted Call History on iPhone From iCloud Backup

Step 1. Run iPhone Data Recovery program and switch to “Recover from iCloud Backup Files” mode. After that, sign in to your iCloud account using Apple ID and password.

Step 2. Select iCloud backup file to download and extract it.

In the iCloud account, the program automatically detects backed up files and display them on a list. Pick the right file and click “download” button. Then click “Scan” button to extract the files.

Step 3. Previewing and Recovering iPhone call History.

When scanning is complete, the program displays the results which you can preview one by one. You may choose the calls to restore and then click “Recover” button to save them.

Other iPhone Data Recovery Software You Can Try


PhoneRescue is another recommended iPhone data recovery software you can use. This is the third version of the app, making this technically free of glitches and setbacks. It can recover different types of data from iOS and Android devices, making this a highly sought-after recovery app.

What I like?

This can quickly recover all kinds of files, whether it be photos, videos, contacts, messages, or even bookmarks. Not to mention that it’s also got Smart Compare and Find, which enables you to prioritize more essential files for recovery.

What I don’t like?

It isn’t a free software, and its 60 days money-back-guarantee might be short for some.

EaseUS MobiSaver

Then there’s EaseUS MobiSaver which is another great app to recover lost files from your iPhone. You don’t have to worry if the data lost are photos, music, messages, contacts, or even notes or reminders, because it can easily recover them. This one’s simple to use. But its user-friendliness comes at a cost as it still has some minor technical issues you might encounter.

What I like?

It’s one of the most user-friendly recovery software in the market. This one’s also compatible with the latest iPhones thanks to its iOS 11 support.

What I don’t like?

It isn’t the best when it comes to retrieving various types of lost data. There are also some glitch problems when connecting it to your iPhone.

Find your favorite software visit here.

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