Tedderfield Fun Rally - 5 June 2010

Saturday 5th June dawned and brought with it wall to wall blue skies – perfect weather to jump in an aery and take to the skies. The challenge was on for the SA Rally Flying team to challenge the Fun Rally pilots and any Airline Pilots brave enough to tackle the plot and convert it into a route. Nico Brandt, from Tedderfield Airpark hosted the event at their fabulous clubhouse.

2010 President's Trophy Air Race

Isn’t amazing how the years fly by quicker than a turbo charged Lancair as we get older. Just finished the President’s Trophy Air Race 2009 in Bloemfontein and, as we were catching our breath, we found ourselves in Rustenburg getting ready for the PTAR 2010.

2010 SA National Rally Championships

Competitors & OrganisersCompetitors & OrganisersThe SA Rally Flying Championships took place from 8 – 10 April at Aviators Paradise in the North West Province.

The event was generously sponsored to the tune of R20,000 by BRITS FLIGHT TRAINING CENTRE, and R15,000 by AFRICAN OUTDOOR GROUP.

Klerksdorp Fun Rally – 20 March 2010

Another fantastic Aviation event notched up this past weekend at Klerksdorp. The entire weekend was run under the auspices of the EAA Sun & Fun convention under the directorship of Cliff Lotter and his team, Len du Preez and Piesang Myburgh.

Despite the threatening weather and isolated thunderstorms, 98 aircraft out of the expected 150 aircraft arrived. The AOG rig was set up close to the club house and the scene was set for a successful weekend of aviating.

Virginia Fun Rally - 27 March 2010

The plan was set to hold the initial Rally briefing on Friday evening before the DWC sponsored Braai, then to arrive at 07H30 on Saturday morning for a pilot safety briefing, final route briefing, map preparation and then commence with the competition from 10H00. I love it when a plan comes together flawlessly, and this one indeed did....