4 Easy Ways to Carve Solo Time Into Your Busy Mom Life

Moms are busy; there’s no denying that, even across cultures and religions. Moms seem to ‘do it all’ and seem to take care of their family seamlessly. It’s truly a hard job and something women don’t take lightly, either. When moms seem to have it all together, they might not. People have no idea about what people go through in a day or even a week. They might just be struggling to get by. Here are four tips, though, to get the ‘me time’ you deserve and preserve it as well. Every mom should read this and let go of some things, and ask the right people for help.

1. Ask for Help

One of the hardest things in the world for anyone to do is to ask for help. This goes more for moms because they are used to doing everything. Try asking family, friends, or your church congregation for help if you are overwhelmed. It’s hard to let go because sometimes you have particular ways of doing things. It’s okay though because you can always do it over when you have the chance. There are some things, however, that you can’t undo. There will always be a question about what might have been, but that’s okay. When you see the big picture, it will be fine to say, that didn’t matter in five years like I thought it might.

2. Guilt, Begone!

It’s not easy living with guilt, knowing what you could have, should have and would have done, but didn’t. It’s even worse when it’s ‘mommy guilt’, like things you think you totally messed up on, but in the big picture, you didn’t. You need to lose the guilt because we’re all doing everything we can with what we have. The tiny and not so tiny voice inside you is harder to keep away and shutdown. You can ignore that negative self talk, if you can. It does take practice, but it can be done.

3. Do What Works For You

What works for you, you wonder. How much time do you need, exactly? Maybe you need to get up before everyone else to get time by yourself. You might be able to steal away into a bathtub and have a thirty minute soak while your partner takes care of the kids. Whatever you decide, see if you can do it on a routine basis. It takes about three weeks to form a habit, and this is common knowlege. So what are you waiting for? Form that habit. Your body and your sanity will thank you as it gets some much needed time. If something doesn’t work, try something else. It might take you a while to find what works, but when you do, it’s awesome to get some time away from your family. Abscense makes the heart grow fonder in this case.

4. Preserve it!

No, I’m not talking about little handprints or footprints. Those you do want to preserve. Once you’ve found your groove or your routine, make sure it isn’t in conflict with anything else on your schedule. Turn off Facebook, or other things like videos that can take up your precious me time. You should keep this in mind while planning your day, week, month or year. Carve out some time and make it special. Your kids and your husband can survive thirty minutes to an hour without you. You can tell them as long as no one is hurt (badly) or the house isn’t on fire, then you are not to be disturbed. If you need to, you can buy a calendar and pre plan your you time.

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