10 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Health and Feel Great

1. Practicing Breathing Deep

Deep breathing can do good for your health and posture. Life is stressful, but deep breathing can improve stress and help with circulation. So, relax, take deep breaths, and meditate.

2. Drinking More Water

We’re supposed to drink plenty of water daily, but how much is plenty? Well, because every individual is different, we require different amounts, but we can estimate water in ounces relevant to our weight in pounds. For example, if you weigh 135 pounds, then you would drink 135 ounces of water. But, if you sweat a lot or spend a lot of time in the heat, then you would drink double the ounces, so 135 ounces would turn into 170 ounces.

Here is what you can do to put more water in your system daily

  • Get yourself a water hydration backpack with a hands-free, bite straw. This helps because we often do other things with our hands and don’t take the time out to drink as much as we should.
  • Sip on some unsweetened herbal teas throughout the day. Don’t worry about getting buzzed from the caffeine, most herbal teas are caffeine free, plus they also have more added benefits to help boost your health.
  • Try adding some flavor to your water to make it taste better, like berries, lemon, and even mint.

3. Avoiding elevators by Taking the Stairs

Why would anyone want to be cramped up in an elevator with a bunch of strangers when you can benefit so much by simply walking up the stairs? This can also make your heart healthy, increase your muscle tones, and even help you shed a few pounds.

4. Stretching

Stretching can improve your circulation and is considered a safe way to exercise. It can also decrease your chances of injury, which is especially helpful if you perform other types of daily cardio, and you don’t even have to be some kind of a yoga master to do it.

5. Going for a walk

Walking, not only can have amazing cardiovascular benefits, but it also helps to tone muscles and can be very effective in reducing stress. Besides, walking burns the same amount of calories as running or jogging.

6. Going outside

When exposed to sunshine, your body produces more vitamin D, which helps to get a good night’s sleep, promotes good moods, and helps to regulate some important body functions.

7. Brushing your Teeth

Brushing your teeth can make you feel great! And, scientists are finding that good oral hygiene is linked to living healthier lives. Besides, brushing your teeth helps to get rid of all the sugar and acids that accumulate on your teeth each day, especially when you drink flavored water, tea or sweetened drinks.

8. Eating Yogurt

Did you know that yogurt can help fight depression? It also has probiotics that aid in fighting colds, helps build up your body’s immune system, and regulates important body functions. Therefore, do yourself a favor, and eat plenty of yogurts.

9. Taking A Hot Bath

There’s nothing more relaxing and stress reducing than taking a hot bath. Stress can weaken our immune systems, prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep, put us in a horrible mood, and is bad for our well-being. Bathing in hot water, with a cup of Epsom salt, can boost your magnesium levels, and relieve the pain of achy joints and muscles, without having to take pain pills.

10. Eating Chocolate

Everyone gets a sweet tooth every now and then, so you will be glad to know that eating chocolate, not only can be satisfying, but has properties that can help boost your mood, and darker chocolate has much less sugar than a cupcake or other candy.

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